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Watch The Office Season 6 Premiere

Season six of the Office started tonight and with a bang, we were deep into the silly paper factory that we all know and love.

Michael, in desperate attempt to always be in the midst of everything hops right into the mix.

In this case, Michael feels left out when everyone knows that two of the Summer interns are dating except him. Information is power and Michael feels awfully powerless so when he stumbles upon an even juicier bit of gossip—Stanley might be cheating on his wife—he decides to disseminate this information far and wide. Never one to let well enough alone, Michael asks Stanley directly if he’s been cheating on his wife.

When Stanely confesses to adultery Michael decides that the only way to atone for his lie and keep Stanley out of trouble is by lying so extensively and spreading so many untruths that the office will assume that everything he’s said is a lie, including his initial revelation about Stanley’s unfaithfulness.

The fact of the matter is that some of Michael’s little white lies are true (or at the very least, contain a tiny bit of truth). Some are transparently false, but hit the spot, like telling people that Pam is pregnant and Andy is gay.

Hearing through the office grapevine that he’s gay causes Andy to question his sexuality. Andy honestly doesn’t seem to know whether or not he’s gay, though he drops hints that he has far more reason to doubt his heterosexuality than he previously led on.

Michael’s plot to cover up an unwisely spilled truth with an avalanche even more crazy lies and of course, it eventually spirals out of control. Michael is confronted by employees (and who didn’t see that one coming?), at which point Jim and Pam fall on their collective sword by claiming that the “one truth” Michael has alluded to is Pam’s pregnancy rather than Stanley’s infidelity.

Tonight’s episode felt so airy and inconsequential that it was easy to overlook how it advanced the story arcs of Jim/Pam and Andy.

I love this show. I look forward to next week and the next piece of laughter it will surely bring.

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