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Watch the Season 3 of HGTV Showdown Premiere


Pairing up two HG stars and facing them off is the way to go for this series on HG TV. And it works.

I’ve personally never seen it, so I headed over to to see what the buzz is all about with this show:
“The pressure is on for HGTV’s hottest designers and carpenters who pair up to compete in the most intense design competition yet! In each episode of HGTV Showdown, two design teams battle side-by-side on stage as they make over the same room for a couple whose decorating styles differ. Starting with staged replicas of the couple’s lackluster room, the design teams are given access to a dream design center, providing them with everything they need to completely transform the room — except time! With only four hours to work their magic under the scrutinizing eyes of the homeowners, the showdown is on to see which team will come up with the best plan for meeting the needs of both husband and wife, while transforming the room into an amazing space.”

It sounds like a pretty interesting twist on one of my old favorite shows, Trading Spaces, just with a slightly different spin. It sounds like a fun show and let’s face it– I wouldn’t mind the designers coming over and trying to find a design that meets our needs! You hear that, HGTV? If you are looking for another home to transform, give me a call!

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