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Watch the Series Premiere “The Lazy Environmentalist”

Say hello to the lazy environmentalist. Okay, if you’d prefer, just say hello to Josh Dorfman.

“The Lazy Environmentalist” shows easy ways to be green. And hey, easy is best, right? Isn’t that the excuse that so many make when talking about being green?

Sundance will premiere The Lazy Environmentalist with Josh Dorfman as a regular series revolving around green issues and cool new eco-friendly products.

Reuters reports on the show and gives some inspirational background:

“”The Lazy Environmentalist” started life as a blog five years ago soon after Dorfman started a small environmental luxury furniture design company. An assistant questioned how he could call himself an environmentalist when he enjoyed taking long showers and showed little commitment to recycling.

“I do my best thinking in the shower,” Dorfman said, adding that he would rather drive a swift Audi than a gas-sipping Prius, even though he knows a hybrid is better for the planet than a sports car.

“I care, but I’m lazy,” he said. “Let’s stop feeling bad.”

The best way to make a difference, Dorfman said, is to make the environmental choice also the more attractive choice — cheaper, easier, time-saving or more aesthetically pleasing.

Among examples he cites is a website called that leases solar energy systems to homeowners with no upfront installation cost. The money saved on lower electricity bills offsets the lease payment so most homeowners end up saving money immediately, Dorfman said.”

It’s definitely a different kind of show and with the sudden realization by many that going green is definitely for the better, it’s worth checking out!

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