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Watch The Unit Season 4 Finale

The Unit is an action packed drama which highlights a covert team of Special Forces operatives and they truly don’t exist– the army will sell them out in a minute if necessary. We watch as they risk their lives on missions around the world, and their families wait for them at home, never really knowing where they are, if and when they will be home, and trying to keep up the appearance of the lies they must weave in order to protect the unit and it’s secret identity.

Another season has come and gone and we all sit and wait what the outcome of Molly Blane’s ultimatum to Jonas at the end of the last episode– is he ready to end his marriage? Or will he take her seriously and leave the unit? Hey, maybe they will even compromise just a little bit to make both of their lives a little bit easier. That’s the pressing question in my mind. 

But the good news is that The Unit has been renewed for another season. Whew, okay. I can breathe. 

But, of course, The Unit is certainly not just about the marriage of Jonas and Molly and what kind of season finale would be epic without some more action and drama. 

While the men are headed out to first locate and then eliminate three bombs, there is the worry that the terrorist group will somehow manage to bomb one of the locations across the United States. As we sit on the edge of our seats and watch the men desperately risk their lives (again) to save the country, that’s not all we are in for. 

We will also be watching to see a possible marriage– will they go through with it? Has Joss really passed all the tests that one must go through in order to be allowed to marry a man from the Unit? After all, she’s marrying the entire unit and not just Charles. 

The season finale of The Unit airs Sunday, May 10 at 10PM/9PM CST on CBS. It’s sure to be action packed, so don’t forget to tune in.

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