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Watch The Unit: Season 4

 For Christmas two years ago, my husband I received seasons one and two of The Unit on DVD and we’ve been hooked ever since. There is just something about a top secret military force that just does not exist. Delta Force, anyone? 

The show depicts the lives of the members of the unit, as well as their missions. It’s highly packed with action and more often than not, I’m gripped my arms of my chair, both out of suspense and anticipation. There is something about the show that speaks to me, as a woman and I’ve yet to put my finger on exactly what it is, but I suspect it has something to do with the way the wives on the show struggle with the boundaries of work and home life. They are forced to accept and try to understand that the unit always comes first. 

You’ve got to love Dennis Haysbert, Sergeant Major Jonas Blane on the show. I know personally, he stole my heart as President David Palmer on 24, so perhaps that’s one of the big reasons that I so eagerly tuned it. But the man knows how to act and one of the best relationships to watch unfold on the show is between Blane and his wife, played by Regina Taylor. 

One of the intricate details of the show are the rules of the unit. You don’t speak about the unit. The unit doesn’t exist, not within the Army, not for legal purposes, not at all. Members of the unit stick together and you don’t betray other members of the unit. And trust me, they take that one seriously! When one member of the unit slept with another member’s wife (did you catch that?), the punishment for that transgression is death. Death! Yes, I was floored at that, but I definitely kept watching and it was just one way that the show portrays how loyal the unit must be. 

Season Four has definitely been action packed, and the missions they’ve completed will blow your mind. You should definitely tune in on CBS on Sunday nights, 10PM/9PM CST. You won’t regret it!

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