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Watch Tough Love: Episode from 4/26

 Gotta love VH1 and their shows about the big L word: love. Tough Love is no exception. The host, Steve, is a matchmaker who guarantees that he can teach women how to think like a man and be relationship savvy. 

It’s getting close to the end of the Tough Love journey and Steve decides it’s time to show the women of the house just how much they changed (or not changed at all). How better to do that than to bring ghosts of the women’s past back to the house and mix it up with the current interests?  It’s brilliant, a little sneaky, and really did show where these women started and where they are at now. 

The guests included both ex boyfriends and parents. One contestant, Jacqueline, was shocked to see her ex boyfriend. She confided in him that she was hurt that he didn’t fight for her to stay and not go on the show. It hurt her that she was ready to marry and move on in their relationship and he was content to remain stagnant and couldn’t imagine marrying anytime soon. He even was happy to meet Brock, Jacqueline’s new interest and gave her his best wishes for a future with him. For Jacqueline, she felt that it provided her with closure and that’s what she needed to move on. 

The next big dramatic guest was Arian’s mother. Arian spilled the beans about what’s been happening in the  house– from her point of view anyway. Arian’s mother took her “poor defenseless” daughter’s side and seemed to absolutely despise Steve. Poor unsuspecting Steve took a seat at their table and was instantly being pummeled with insult. I think that was one of the realizations that Arian isn’t interested in changing for the better and finding someone to spend her life with who actually loves her, but is content to continue along on her destructive path. 

In the end, Steve and his mother decided that Arian needed to leave the show. She doesn’t need help from a match maker, she needs professional help. 

The season finale airs on Sunday, May 3 on VH1! Don’t forget to watch it; it will be interesting to see how the girls fare.

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