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Watch Ugly Betty Episodes Online

An interesting thing. Usually, when I’m about to start writing I Google the exact phrase that describes the story I am writing, just to make sure I’m not missing something stupid. Well, when you type in “Watch Ugly Betty Episodes Online” the first listing is from SideReel, not ABC. So, if you’re looking to watch Ugly Betty Online, let’s take a look first at SideReel.

While they have great features, such as recaps for every show, forums for the show, and reviews, if you’re not one of those people who have a lot of time on their hands to customize. The Episode selection is current, and load time is not half bad. The Site is confusing and cluttered, and the forum posts are at least unintelligent. I only list it first to make a point.

I’m a if fan of the, it’s slick, it’s comprehensive, and it offers its content in HD. Wait, what am I talking about? This site makes you click a button to continue between every commercial break. This makes me really unhappy. If you’re watching this  while sitting on your couch, and you don’t have a wireless mouse, you have to get up every ten minutes or so. It’s needless. Beyond this glaring problem, the site is the easiest to use for watching episode for the current season. However, if you’re looking for Seasons one and two, you’ll have to move on to our third option.

Project Free-TV is the best site to rely on for watching televisions shows online, bar none. Ugly Betty is no exception to this. You can easily find all three episode by following the “more” link under television shows, looking through the alphabetically listed shows, clicking on ugly betty, picking a season and clicking the episode you’d like to watch. It couldn’t be much easier to use, and what’s more, each of the links are tagged with a “fast” or “slow” rating, and this is surprisingly accurate. All the links are to hosting sites, but you’ll invariably find something that works. Ugly Betty has 641 links for three seasons worth of shows. That’s nearly sixteen links per episode.

The Third option, as far as I’m concerned , is the best viewing experience, but I’ll suggest, in order to do my part, that you go to, and watch there. Just make sure you leave a comment complaining about all the clicking. 

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