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Watch World Cup Spain vs. Netherlands Final – High Quality Live Feed Online

Want a free high quality stream of the World Cup Final and playoff match without all the popups, spyware and shady tricks? Well its not so easy since all the spammers have jumped on the World Cup fever to make themselves some easy cash at the expense of others.

However, there are reliable live video feeds out there if you know where to look. Whatever you do make sure you don’t fill in any surveys or any other offers that promise to unlock the live videos. These are almost always scams and you are giving your email address away to dodgy marketing companies, never mind wasting your time.

Where to Watch the World Cup Final…

  • There is a list of international Live World Cup Streams at WebTVHub.
  • USA Residents: ESPN3
  • UK Residents: BBC1
  • Canadian Residents: CBC
  • Worldwide viewing: The online live feed of the FIFA final will be available worldwide here when it airs.

Peer 2 Peer Viewing

There are also a number of live Peer-to-Peer platforms that will stream TV shows live. TVUPlayer is a popular choice, but you will need to install a quick web-app to watch TV from their website. Then it is just a case of typing the match you want to watch into the search box and a channel broadcasting the game will usually be listed.

[Via PopCrunch]

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