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Web TV Shows You’ll Want to Watch

Given the meteoric rise of popularity concerning internet media sites like Youtube and Hulu, it’s not entirely surprising that TV shows designed for the Web alone have taken off. User generated content may not spell out big bucks for Youtube, which is still struggling to find the elusive holy grail of profit. Which shows will you want to start with if you’re looking to catch some web-content? You have a lot of options, but you’ll be sifting through a see of good, meh, and oh my God awful. Here are some of the better shows, however.

One of the more well known internet celebrities is already a bit of a celebrity herself. From the oh so popular series Friends comes Lisa Kudrow, who recently starred in her own online series called Web Therapy. Each episode runs about three minutes long and it’s not scripted, so episodes can run the gambit between hilarious and so so. Of course at three minutes long even if you don’t like the show you’ve only wasted a few minutes anyway.

Apparently the writer’s strike spawned a new creative outlet all it’s own. The online start-up Strike.TV was created to let writers do their thing without the well..strike interfering, and the results are surprisingly entertaining. You’ll be able to peruse through all sorts of new offerings from individual writers and actors. Strike also operates as a bit of a testing ground for new shows, and many of them compete to be picked up by television networks.

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