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Wedding Channel is a dream come true.

Or is it? In this day and age, there are so many shows devoted to marriage related topics: from Bridezillas to Say Yes to the Dress. I could go on and on. So someone somewhere used his or her brain and thought… “Hm.. I wonder what genre that I could channel a bunch of really devoted people to watch 24/7.” And hence, here lies the Wedding Channel.

Seriously, it’s every wedding obsessed bridezilla’s dream come true. Now they can watch, be inspired, and just submerge themselves in every aspects of weddings.

The wedding industry must be absolutely thrilled. I mean, after all, this is more money in their very deep pockets.

I just don’t see exactly the need for a wedding channel. After all, we have Lifetime, Oxygen, WE… these channels all cater to brides at times and while their shows aren’t specifically only directed towards brides, there are so many variations of the show.

So that leaves me to wonder: what exactly will be played on this wedding channel? Will it be an off and on marathon of the various wedding themed shows?

Well don’t worry– I’m sure that with the ready availability of the Wedding Channel, vendors will be much better equipped to deal with the pesky bridezillas.

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