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Weeds Season 5 episode 2: Machetes Up Top

weeds-5.2In last night’s episode of Weeds, Nancy spent most of her time trying to get away from Esteban’s “goon” Cesar who was given the assignment to keep an eye her. When she is finally able to break free from Cesar (after hooking him up with a flesh-eating fish pedicure) she goes to visit Guillermo who reminds her she isn’t Esteban’s wife, she is only his girlfriend which doesn’t bode well for her safety (especially after the baby is born).

Realizing she’s pretty much screwed, she meets with Dean to get thing in order in case she doesn’t make it. Then she desperately tries to get Esteban to just kill her and get it over with but instead he reminds her he can do whatever he wants with her, whenever he wants.

In the meantime, Silas and Doug go into the forest to find a spot to grow their weed. They end up getting ripped off instead and losing it all. Well they are in the woods, Shane is staying with Nancy’s sister Jill, her husband and twin girls. Andy is staying there as well because Nancy asked him to deliver Shane safely to Jill while she gets things sorted out with Esteban.

Jill and Andy end up getting drunk one afternoon and complaining about Nancy and Jill’s husband, predictably, they have sex, during which Andy repeatedly says Nancy’s name. Of course, Shane catches them and records the whole thing on his cell phone.

While all of this is going on, Celia is still with Rudolfo who tells Celia to leave but instead she organizes all of his weapons, proving she could have a purpose with him and reminding him she has nowhere to go.

The show is starting the season out pretty heavy, hopefully they will lighten things up as the season goes on. What did you think of the episode? Are you watching Weeds this season? What do you think will happen to Nancy?

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