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What Kind of TV is Right For Me Part 1 – LCD TV’s

If you are in the market for a new television set, chances are you have considered buying a LCD TV. Before you take the leap and buy the television, it is important to understand what LCD technology has to offer. LCD TVs create pictures by blocking light instead of transmitting light. The blocked light allows certain colors and pictures to be broadcast. One needs to consider the pros and cons of LCD technology when shopping for a television.

Pro #1 – No Glare

Nothing can ruin a movie more quickly than glare on the screen. For those who watch a lot of television during the daytime or with the lights on, a LCD TV would be a good choice. It is one of the few televisions that offer relatively glare free viewing.

Pro #2 – Light and Tough

Do you want to have a television set that you can move without having to call Two Men and Truck in? Do you have children and don’t want to worry about your television set being easily breakable? LCD television sets are both durable and considerably lighter than other TVs.

Pro #3 – Entertainment’s Version of Going Green

Go green with LCD. Use less energy and produce less heat. LCD television sets use less voltage, which make them more energy efficient than their counterparts.

Con #1 – Poor Black Level

LCD TVs have a difficult time transmitting true black colors. Black on LCD TVs is not as sharp as it is on other systems. The light blocking technology of LCD televisions cause occasional patches of light to shine through black.

Con #2 – Bad with Angles

LCD TVs were made for straight on viewing. Because the light comes from behind pixels through a tunnel, viewing at angles can be problematic. However, the length of the tunnel has been shortened considerably, which has improved angle viewing tremendously.

Con #3 – Trouble with Quick Movements

LCD TVs blur when images move quickly on the screen. The technology simply cannot keep up with fast movements. If buying a LCD TV, one needs to view a display model to gage how well that particular model does with quick movements.

Choosing a television is like choosing a car. What’s right for your friend may not be right for you. Televisions showcase your personality and entertainment preferences. Gather as much knowledge as possible about your choices before you lay down your plastic and get one.

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