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What Kind of TV is Right for Me Part 2 – Plasma TV’s

If you want an affordable television with a huge screen, you might want to consider buying a plasma TV. Plasma televisions use a different technology than other television sets. They use pixels, glass coated plasma bubbles, and X-rays to create a picture on the screen. A transmitter sparks the glass covered plasma bubble to get the desired level of brightness. You’re probably thinking that while that might be interesting, what does it mean for you, the consumer? It actually means quite a bit, both good and bad.

Pro #1 – Exceptional Color

Plasma TVs are the Alice in Wonderland of color. They produce more color than the human eye can actually detect. A plasma TV screen creates a visual candy store that is difficult to look away from.

Pro #2 – Wide Viewing Angles

Plasma technology allows for viewers to sit all around the room and still enjoy the same picture quality. Plasma TVs are leaders when it comes to viewing angles on big screen TVs.

Pro #3 – Built in Line Doubler

Most Plasma TVs have a built in line doubler, which is technology that allows viewers to experience high quality pictures on all types of outputs. Therefore, regular TV can have DVD or HD quality output, or at least close to it.

Con #1 – She Had a Good Life…

Plasma TVs have the shortest life of all television sets. The pixels burn out, and they loose their brightness. Once the brightness begins to fade, you’re best off just getting a new television.

Con #2 – Not as Bright

Plasma TVs are not as bright as some of their competitors. This is attributed to the technology used. Plasma makers trade brightness for high color quality.

Con #3 – Not for Mountain Men

Plasma TVs don’t work well in high altitudes. Once a plasma TV gets to 6,000 feet above sea level, it hums. Not many people live that high up, but those that do should consider a different television set.

As with any technological device, one needs to weigh the pros and cons before making the big decision. Rest assured, though, that plasma TVs make for great television sets. However, they still might not be right for you. Consider all of your choices and make an informed choice that will best suit your needs.

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