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What Kind of TV is Right for Me Part 3 – Projectors

When people think of a projector, they tend to think of that distant aunt who showed them vacation slides of that unfortunate beach trip, where she wore that unflattering bathing suit. Now projectors are a main television source in homes across the world, instead of being used as devices to torture distant relatives. Projectors are capable of displaying movies and television shows onto a wall or a screen. Projectors are perfect home entertainment devices for many people, while others think there are too many cons to bother dealing with a projector.

Pro #1 – REALLY Big Screen

How big of a screen do you want for your television? That’s how big you can make your projector screen. All you need is the space and either a blank wall or a screen, and you’re all set to watch TV and movies on a huge screen.

Pro #2 – True Audio Sound

If you’re really into true audio sound during your movies, then a projector might be what you’re looking for in a television. Most television sets distort audio before it makes it to our ears. Projectors don’t distort the audio, so you can hear the movie as it was meant to be heard.

Pro #3 – Cheaper

A sixty inch Plasma TV can really set you back. That’s not the case with a projector. It’s affordable, and the screen can cost very little to absolutely nothing if you just use a wall.

Con #1 – The Perfect Setting

How much thought did you put into the placement of your current TV? It was probably something like, “Hey, there’s a sofa, so let’s just put the TV right there.” Projectors aren’t that simple. You will need to find a large room that is completely dark.

Con #2 – Noise

Even though the audio is pure, the fan inside of the projector makes a whirring noise. It is worse on some projectors than others, and can be very distracting.

Con #3 – Maintenance

After about 2,000 hours of viewing with the projector, the lamp will burn out. The replacement lamp runs about $400. That is some pretty costly upkeep.

While projectors are not for everyone, they offer wonderful home entertainment for the right consumer. If big screen viewing is what you are looking for, and if you have the space necessary, consider a projector. It will be like a movie theater right inside of your home.

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One Response to “What Kind of TV is Right for Me Part 3 – Projectors”
Lisa - May 22nd, 2008 at 10:22 am

Loved the 3 part series. It made me more confident of my decision to go with LCD when I get some extra change.

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