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What To Watch On TV Tonight

Big Brother
9 pm CBS

Tonight, the Brigade Alliance will officially end as either Matt or Enzo (most likely Matt) is evicted. In this special Double Elimination episode, we’ll fast froward through an entire week’s worth of competitions in one hour to see not only who will be the next HOH but who will be the next to be evicted.

Royal Pains
10 pm USA

In tonight’s summer finale, Eddie comes clean to Hank and Evan about what he’s been up to, and its even more surprising than they suspected. Divya gets closer to Adam as he worsens, prompting even more doubts about her impending wedding.

NightlinePrime: Secrets of Your Mind — Why We Do What We Do
10 pm ABC

Tonight, the series looks at psychopathic behavior and asks if some of us are just born evil or if  it is learned throughout our lives? The show looks at two specific cases of two different serial killers who are currently on death row.

Jersey Shore
10 pm MTV

Ronnie’s been going out to the clubs and hooking up with other girls, then going home to Sam. But Snookie and J-Woww’s anonymous letter is about to reveal his cheating ways. Will Sam believe it and dump him or will she not be able to accept the truth?

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