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What TV Shows Will Be Canceled Next?

eastwickHere’s a look of some of the shows currently on the network’s chopping blocks thanks to poor ratings.


Kelsey Grammer’s comedy is the only new Wednesday night comedy on ABC that hasn’t been picked up for a full season. It’s probably because it’s ratings have been consistently poor, despite the success of the network’s other new comedies like Cougar Town and Modern Family.

Ugly Betty

Betty was moved to Friday night this season which has proven to be a bad move. What was once one of ABC’s most popular comedies has fallen in the ratings and was down to less than 4.5 million viewers last Friday.


NBC just picked up this drama about first responders for three more episode but only three more, not a full season, that doesn’t bode well for their faith in the show.


The remake of the 1988 film The Witches of Eastwick has proven to be one of the biggest rating disappointments of the season. Goes to show, not even a pretty face can make up for bad writing.

The Jay Leno Show

NBC’s last hope has become a dud in the ratings. Marc Berman, an analyst at Media Week, recently said, “The Jay Leno’ show is a huge flop. I don’t care what they say. It’s not working.” Ouch.

Three Rivers

CBS had hoped Three Rivers would replace ER as THE medical drama to watching. The only problem is, no one is tuning in. Chances are, it won’t last very long.

Are there you would save or any you can’t wait to see go?What else would you add to the list?

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