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What’s Coming Up On Entourage?

turtleE! has new scoop about what’s coming up on Entourage this season!

When it comes to guest stars, last week’s guests, Tom Brady and Mark Wahlberg, were just the tip of the iceberg. Zac Efron is still on the way, as well as superstar Matt Damon, who Kevin Dillon says, “Comes and just kills it”, LeBron James and Aaron Sorkin.

When it comes to romance, don’t count on Drama or Vince having any long term loves this season. Kevin Dillon told E!, “Drama’s love is the art. He’s all about doing good movies. It’s not as much fun if there’s girls involved for Drama. He’s gotta be obsessed with anything that’s related to his fame.” Vince doesn’t fare much better, according to Adrien Grenier he gets a lot of “love” this season but nothing lasting. As for E and Sloan, it may still be awhile before these two find their way back to each other since Kate Mara is still on the way as Eric’s new employee and possible love. Jamie Lynn Sigler also addressed the picture that appears to be a break up scene between her and Turtle. “Maybe it was,” she says. “Everyone gets sad when they go on trip. It could be as simple as that.”

And what about Ari? According to Jeremy Piven, “All the seeds that I’ve planted unravel.The whole thing is going to be blowing up in my face, and yet the wife stands by me, and I have to borrow a great deal of money from her, so it’s going to get really, really ugly before it gets beautiful.” But don’t worry Ari fans, he added, “It will be beautiful.”

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