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What’s the Big Difference Between Digital Cable and Satellite TV?

There is no arguing that ardent supporters of both digital cable and satellite TV will typically argue that their chosen type is the right one. As the popularity of satellite TV continues to grow the impact on cable can be seen countrywide.

Before choosing which one is right for your needs just answer one simple question. What is the real difference between digital cable and satellite television?

Many satellite companies today can offer packages as low as $30 a month for more than 50+ channels. The equipment can be pricy. This can usually be offset by agreeing to a 12 month commitment in order to lower the upfront cost.

Cable will typically wrap a variety of fees into its billing. You may see state and local taxes, franchise fees, and many others. Over time these add up leaving you to spend more than you would on satellite equipment.

Picture Reception
Since the government change both satellite and cable are both digital. Many people assume that digital cable might be more stable than satellite. The truth is however that such weather can impact one just as much as the other.

At one time satellite was the only sort requiring a receiver for each television. Now that cable has made the switch to all digital it carries the same requirement. To be able to get the digital channels in digital quality you will have to lease extra cable boxes for your different televisions. Again, this can lead to higher overall costs.

When it comes to choosing between digital cable and satellite TV, it boils down to pricing. Satellite may be the clear winner. It offers affordable pricing as well as the opportunity to receive your equipment for free under certain conditions. Let’s face it; with the economy what it is today price is everything.

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