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Where To Watch The Unaired Episodes of The Beautiful Life

TBL“The Beautiful Life: TBL” has found a new life on YouTube. Two episodes of The CW drama that were scheduled to air before the show was canceled and three shows that were completed but were never added to the TV schedule will now be available on YouTube.

According to Reuters, the first two episodes that managed to air on the network will be re-aired on YouTube starting today without commercial breaks. The remaining episodes will be avaialble on YouTube beginning Monday.

The show’s producer, Ashton Kutcher knew fans wanted to see the rest of the episodes and was happy to find a medium to bring the shows to them. “When ‘The Beautiful Life’ concluded on broadcast television, we were deluged by fans imploring us to bring back ‘TBL’,” Kutcher said. “Working with innovative companies like HP and YouTube, we are thrilled to be ending this year by releasing the remaining episodes of ‘The Beautiful Life’ and taking part in a unique marketing program that could only occur online.”

While naturally YouTube presents programs averaging 5 to 15 minutes long, Kutcher is confident that the 40-minute episodes will live up to its expectation. “I would bargain that people will be willing to sit a lot longer if the picture looks a lot better,” Kutcher told Reuters.

Kutcher hopes that the show could gather enough audience that he would be able to attract sponsors to finance more episodes solely for web in the future.

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