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Where You Can Watch Balloon Boy Throw Up

pukerFalcon Heene, aka Ballon Boy, became suspiciously ill on both Good morning America and The Today Show this morning while his father was being questioned about the validity of their story.

The family found themselves in the middle of a national news story yesterday when an experimental helium balloon somehow got loose from the Heene’s backyard and the family reported their 6-year-old son, Falcon, was riding in it. His father, Richard Heene, builds experimental “low-altitude vehicles” and was working on one when it was set adrift. The boy’s older brothers told their parents he was in the balloon and united the tethers. When the balloon finally landed, the boy wasn’t there but was actually in the Heene’s attic because “his dad yelled at him”.

During an interview with Larry King last night, Falcon’s parents asked him why he didn’t respond when he heard his name called and he replied, “You had said we had did this for a show.” This comment set off a storm of speculation that the whole scene was just a stunt to gain publicity for Richard, who has appeared with his family on Wife Swap and hosts the internet series, The Psyience Detectives.

He told Meredith Vieira on The Today Show this morning that Falcon wasn’t processing the question correctly. He explained that when the media showed up at their house, they made Falcon show them how he had climbed into the attic, one of the reporters had told the boy they were taping it for a show which his father claims confused him.

Adding to the bizarre story, Falcon got sick during interviews for both The Today Show and Good Morning America this morning. During the family’s appearance on Today (via satellite from their home), Falcon was visibly ill, and at one point asked his mom for a container before he vomited into it on camera.

You can see Falcon puke on the show below, he gets sick around the 6 minute mark.

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You can see him vomit on Good Morning America here at the 4:15 mark.

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