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Which Dish Network HD Package is Best For Me?

As more people are purchasing high definition televisions, they are scrambling to find out what their service provider offers in the form of HDTV. Currently, DISH Network has some great HDTV packages, along with some deals that consumers should look at when trying to find the best HD programming.

DISH Essential

This is perfect for those who want some HD channels, but do not watch that much television. It only costs an extra $10 a month, and when you get it, you get:

 28 HD channels if you have America’s Top 120™
 33 HD channels if you have America’s Top 200™
 39 HD channels with America’s Top 250™

There are five pay per view movie channels with the channels that are included with dish Essential. That will give customers the option of watching some of the best movies out there in high definition, just as they were meant to be watched.

DISH HD Ultimate

This is a step up from the Essential package. It costs $20 a month, and offers subscribers a great deal of HD television to watch. With a lot of movies and sports available with this package, users get the kind of channels people want for high definition television viewing. The package includes:

 35 HD channels wit the America’s Top 120™
 40 HD channels with the America’s Top 200™
 46 HD channels with the America’s Top 250™

This is perfect for users who know that they love high definition television but still want to ease into the subscription of HD channels. It offers a nice variety, but does not cost very much. It is a great way to test out the new high definition television set.


This is the mega plan by dish Network. Subscribers to this plan only pay $29.99, but they get all of the channels included with the previous two plans. This is the only all HD package on the market today. This plan is perfect for people who wish they could watch almost everything in high definition. If offers a wide variety of channels, which means that some people would not have to look at standard definition again. There are choices for the entire family with this package. Young children have something to watch, as do movie buffs, sports enthusiasts, and people who like to keep up with current events. Also, subscribers to this package can get three months of free HD programming if they sign a two year commitment. That is a $90 savings.

If you have an HD television but are not getting very much HD programming, you are missing out. HD programming makes the watching experience so much better. Instead of watching something on a flat, one dimensional television screen, HD TV allows for viewers to feel as if they are actually there and a part of it. In order to be able to get that full experience, sign up for one of the dish Network’s HD packages. They are affordable and offer a lot of viewing options.

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