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Which Satellite Company Has More HD Channels?

dish networkOf course there are some lesser known satellite television providers, but the two giants in the industry are DISH Network and DirecTV.  Ongoing is the competition between the two–better programming, high-definition feeds, local market broadcasting, and sports packages.  But who has the most channels and at what price?

DISH Network currently has a special going for its America’s Everything™ Pak, going for $84.99 per month (regular $102.98 per month).  The ultimate Everything Pak is for the true TV lover and has all the programming in the Classic Gold 250 tier plus HBO, ShowTime, Starz, Cinemax and NBA TV.  Also, you can add over 80 HD channels to the mix for $10 per month, bringing a monthly subscription rate of just under $100 if you order now.  With the Everythink Pak, you have access to almost 400 channels, 20% of which would be HD.  These 400 channels are geared for English speakers.  There are other packs available but for arguments sake I will keep it domestic.

For DirecTV, a maxed out subscription pack for all channels will run you $83.99 for a one year subscription.  If you do get this, DirecTV throws in a free HD receiver upgrade.  If you purchase one of the lower tier television, it takes an additional $10 per month for HD channel access.  The ten dollars only gets you 30 HD channels which isn’t that great.

Clearly, this isn’t even a match when you compare 80 channels versus 30 channels in HD.  When you think you could pay virtually the same thing for both subscriptions, you would have to be a fool to sign up for DirecTV.  DISH Network is the winner by a landslide.

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One Response to “Which Satellite Company Has More HD Channels?”
Brandon - October 22nd, 2009 at 8:46 pm

Wow looks like you did your research their facts are Directv has 94 hd channels full time in the top package and unless you want 95 music channels out of your 250 channel package directv only has 48 audio channels and b.s. filler channels like starfish, free speech tv and horseracing tv with 15 hsn channels. Why do you think dish is cheaper and as of november it wont even be cheaper they just had their winter offer rollout wich makes each package 15 to 20 dollars more. Dish network is for people who dont care what they get in a channel lineup just to say it has a lot of channels if you want to watch angel one and angel two and starfish be my guest. but where is the biography channel, cbs college sports, discovery kids, mlb network, national geographic in your smaller packages for the people on a budget? you have to pay more to have less with dish if you compare channels period. and no I do not support either company to be honest I prefer internet tv, my schedule all the time for no additional charges but I have compared providers and been really upset at dish network and the channels and pixely picture that they provide I have an antenna that works better after the digital transition. look at the channel comparison on dish’s website for the packages they claim are similiar and all the things it lacks. poor channel showing if you ask me.

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