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Will Dakota Fanning Join New Moon?

dakotafanningI can’t seem to escape the hype that surrounds the Twilight series. My siblings read it, my fiance read it, my coworkers read it, and all along the way there’s been summarizing, reviews of the movie, and swirling rumors as to who will be starring in the upcoming film. One such rumor says that Push star Dakota Fanning may make an appearance in the new book to film adaptation New Moon. Hmm…

The first Twilight movie was met with collective “meh” from the fans that I know, but primarily it looks like they just didn’t have the budget to make the film as good as it should have been., This may change with the new movie though, considering the impressive gross that the first movie pilled in despite it’s obvious mediocrity. Most disappointing, I’m told, was how the vampires “glowed” in direct sunlight, which was described as beautiful in the book but was complete cheese in the movie.

Dakota may play Jane, one of the guards of the Volturi, who are apparently an ancient coven of Italian vampires. She’s young, but she’s also very, very mean in the movie, and it’d be interesting to see her try and play this one out. The next film will introduce Jacob Black, Bella’s other interest, for the new movie.

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