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Will The Rescued Miners Get A TV Deal?

Now that their long ordeal is over and the miners are all back with their families (or at least their mistresses),  the 33 men  who were trapped for weeks inside the San José mine near Copiapó, Chile can start adjusting to life above ground.

But, it’s obvious their lives will never be the same, especially considering they have all become celebrities around the world and with fame, often comes money.  It has been reported that heir families  have been besieged with lucrative offers of TV interviews, movies, book deals and endorsement offers.

It is estimated the miners’ stories could be worth several hundred thousand dollars to TV production houses. The race is also on to secure the first interview with the miners, but they have banded together and will not speak without all 33 present. Rumor has it they are also holding out for the best financial offer. They  have also asked a lawyer to draw up a contract to split equally all profits from their experiences.

Alejandro Pino, the safety supervisor at the San José mine, told reporters on the scene that he had conducted mock interviews with the miners before the rescue operation began, so they would be comfortable answering questions.

Some believe that 40-year-old Mario Sepúlveda could be the breakout ‘star’ of the group. He compiled several video diaries of life in the mine in which he declared, “I think I had extraordinary luck. I was with God and with the devil. And I reached out for God.”

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