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Wireless HD: It’s Coming

The war among the different HD connectors for televisions can be very confusing. Fortunately, in the middle of all of the wars it looks like a true winner might emerge. While the winner’s product is not available in stores yet, it will most likely become the most accepted way to stream HD onto televisions once it is released. Wireless HD is likely going to be the solution that people have been waiting for.

Why Wireless?

Instead of having to rely upon a cable to send the HD signal to a television, wireless HD can give a pure signal. Consumers will be able to watch their television without worrying about what cable to use.

There are different forms of wireless HD that are expected to hit the marketplace.


Right now, SiBeam is the most anticipated form of wireless HD. A company called Wireless HD is expected to perfect and release the technology, which offers a wireless HD signal that can produce 1080p HD.

Amimon’s Wireless Digital Home Interface

The Amimon technology is similar to wireless internet in the home. When you have WiFi in your home, you can use a modem and send a wireless signal to all of the computers in the home. This technology is similar. It offers a HD signal to the entire house, so you can put all of your HD televisions on it.

Amimon Problems

The picture can be less than stellar, as colors on the screen can be a little off. While the company says that consumers will not be able to notice, it remains to be seen.

What this Means

While it will take a while for SiBeam to hit the market, Amimon is going to release a version of its technology in the form of Belkin’s FlyWire later this year. However consumers might want to wait a bit before purchasing wireless HD from the company.

It would seem that SiBeam offers a more practical solution, and while it may take some time for it to be available to the public, the wait should be worth it. SiBeam is going to be able to offer a wonderful alternative for transmitting HD signals.

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