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Without a Trace: Season 7, Episode 21

 Without a Trace is definitely a crime drama worth writing home about. It combines drama and a crime scene and the investigation. 

One thing I love about Without a Trace is the possibility of hope in the cases. Of course, with most of your crime dramas, you usually aren’t lucky enough to have a living victim in the end of the episode, and although infrequent, sometimes it happens in Without a Trace. 

Labyrinth, episode 21, was another interesting episode to catch! The episode aired was about a missing journalist, who goes missing only after she airs some dirty laundry about a corrupt politician. 

The episode began with a woman walking into a bar. She orders a drink and assures the bartender that she is alright. Some kind of transaction takes place between the woman and the man who was waiting for her at the bar. He attempts to request more money from the woman, but she aptly reminds him that they had a deal. They go outside, presumeably to make the exchange and then the woman disappears.

Vivian, one of the investigators, begins to tell the other investigators about the case of the missing journalist, who was reported missing by her sister.  The investigators head to the bar, where the bartender seems to remember the woman and lets them know that he last saw her handing the man a large stack of money. 

After the search of the Molly the journalist’s apartment comes up dead, Vivian realizes that Molly is the one who broke the story about the corrupt politician.  They head to the politician Walsh’s home to ask him some questions regarding her disappearance. However, Walsh is uncooperative and tells the detectives to get lost. He refuses to discuss Molly at all, due to a pending court investigation. 

Vivian decides to further question her sister, and while doing so, Molly calls. She tells them that she needs help and she needs to get out of there. She tells them that she was poisoned. When the call traces back to a behavioral clinic, Vivian learns that Molly was checked herself in. 

So what happens? Are you dying to know? If you missed this episode on Tuesday night, check out to catch the episode! You won’t regret it.

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