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Worst 2008 TV Shows

So, sticking with the end of the year theme, I recently came across one of Time’s many lists for 2008. This one in particular listed the worst shows that were introduced..and some of them I agree with while others I disagreed with because they had at least some potential. You can read the whole list here.

First off, let me say this..I love American Gladiators. It should not have clocked in at number 8 because it’s inherent awesomeness means that even if it’s on the worst shows of the year I will still love it. Now some of the other entries I wholeheartedly agree with. Take the Andromeda Strain for instance..I’m a big fan of Crichton’s (spelling?) Timeline..but I absolutely hated the book. That they made a movie and tried a TV show out of it disgusts me, but needless to say the show tanked.

Rosie Live and Knight Rider were also noteworthy in their terribleness, and some I had never even ehard of such as Alter Eco and The Strike..all of which is probably for the best considering. Commenters had their own shows to put in. Kath and Kim definitely deserved it’s spot, according to users, and apparently a few believe Heroes should have topped the list (Ok, Heroes isn’t the best ever or anything, but there are so many worse shows on TV that it doesn’t make the top 30..if that). I never got a chance to see Do Not Disturb, but from what I heard it wasn’t all that bad despite it’s horrific ratings and almost-immediate cancellation.

I also never knew there was even a Kim Kardashian sex I learned something today to go along with all of the other uselless information I’ve gathered.

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