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Xbox Live Experiences Brings Netflix HD

If you’re a big console gamer like I am, you keep abreast on the developments of your console’s features, particularly the online features that are constantly being reinvented and introducing innovative new solutions straight to your console. One such development has been the “new xbox live experience” which has promised to deliver a whole new set of features and completely overhaul the current xbox live interface. This is certainly great to see, as other consoles like my Wii have been woefully inadequate when it comes to online options (come on guys, you can do better!).

The new Xbox live will allow you to do a number of things, and it’s focus is taking the console from strictly a gaming machine to a media entertainment in a center. It adds in additional content, and you can develop your own online avatar (think like your Mii). You’ll be able to download and play music, movies, and most importantly to me, you can stream movies instantly from Netflix. This development lets you watch movies, TV shows, all streamed from your xbox into your TV. Usually I’m stuck watching the instant on demand stuff from my lap top, but now with this lovely innovation I plan on watching them in my living room on the big TV. Here’s what you’ll need to get setup:

A LIVE Gold Account: You didn’t think they’d give this to basic members, did you? You’ll have to be an XBOX Live Gold member to access the service, which also unlocks a variety of multiplayer gaming features too.

A Netflix Member: You’ll need to setup your own Netflix account from their main site. No additional charges will apply as a result of using your Xbox to stream movies and shows.

Activation Codes: You’ll need to upgrade to Gold, then download the Netflix application on your Xbox 360 to get going, after you’ve done that you setup your activation code, and enjoy your moviewatching experience!

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