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Peter Gallagher Joins The Cast of Californication

peterNothing makes me happier than knowing the stars of my favorite dearly-departed shows have found steady work. So, I was overjoyed to hear Peter Gallagher, aka the best dad in the world, Sandy Cohen on The O.C., is joining the cast of Californication this fall where he’ll be stirring up trouble for David Duchovny’s Hank Moody.

Gallagher recently told E! he’s had “about as much fun as any actor is allowed to have” playing Dean Stacy Koons on the ShowTime series. Koons is the the dean of the university, and the father of Hank’s daughter’s best friends. According to Gallagher, “Hank and Dean Stacy Koons have a marvelously, antagonistic, yet respectful occasional relationship.” He also said that the two men have an “epic” brawl at the end of the season.

It sounds like he may even be having more fun than he did when he was working on The O.C. “What’s great about it is it’s really, really, really well-produced and really, really, really well-written. And that’s what makes all the difference in the world. The writers are amazing. Each episode, I laugh outside just reading it. And they create an environment where good things can happen—so we can all bring our best game.”

Season three of Californication debuts Sept. 27 at 10 p.m. on ShowTime.

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