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Watch TV Shows on Your Desktop with Adobe Media Player


Online media sources are in competition with traditional televisions. It is the goal of these online sources to change the way viewers watch television. Instead of flipping on the television set, there are media players that are offered online to bring all of the entertainment a viewer could possibly want right to their computer. With the launch of the new Adobe Media Player, along with Adobe TV, Adobe is the latest to try out the new online outlet. With its free player, it offers a wide variety of entertainment options to its users.

Programming from Top Networks and Media Companies

The Adobe Media Player manages to make online entertainment more appealing than ever. Before the media player was launched, Adobe made the decision to partner with top networks and media companies. The results have definitely paid off. Adobe is able to offer programming from some of the best in television entertainment, including CBS, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon, just to name a few. The partnership of these media companies has allowed for Adobe to offer an extensive list of television shows for viewing, all which can be managed in the Adobe Media Player catalog.

Full Screen Support

In the past, one of the downfalls of online television viewing has been the lack of a full screen. With the Adobe Media Player, users can tune in and watch their shows on the full screen, just as they were intended. With the improved full screen performance, the Adobe Media Player allows users to have a more pleasurable viewing experience.

DVR Right on the PC

The Adobe Media Player also functions as a DVR. Set up your favorite shows to download so you can view them at a later date. Also, you can record your favorite video podcasts. Never miss your favorite shows again. Automatically download them when they come on, and then have a marathon over the weekend to catch up on what you have missed.

Continuous Play

If you hate having to click on a new show every time one stops, use the continuous play feature. Set your shows up in the order you want to watch them, hit play, and sit back. They will continue to play until you stop them.

Adobe TV

If you feel like learning something with your entertainment, you can also tune into Adobe TV on your Adobe Media Player. When you watch Adobe TV, you can learn how to make the most out of the Adobe products you have on your computer. Adobe TV works as a tutorial so users can effortlessly navigate through different Adobe programs.

The Adobe Media Player is a great way to watch television, manage videos, and learn about Adobe Products. The download is free, so go ahead and install it on your computer. Once you have it downloaded, take advantage of all of the features. Watch your favorite television shows and set some up for automatic download. Take control of your entertainment with Adobe Media Player.

To get your free download, go here.

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