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Everything You Need to Know About Netflixter

Are you getting the most out of your Netflix account? Have you ever heard of the software called Netflixter? If you have not installed it, then you are not taking advantage of everything you can get when you have Netflix.

Open Multiple Profiles and Queues At Once!

Netflix allows multiple profiles with one account. With Netflixter, you can open up all of those accounts and queues at the same time. That will help you shuffle movies between queues in order for the household to get movies in for everyone at the same time.

Easy Sorting

On the Netflix queue, changes have to be made one at a time. With Netflixter, you can make all of the changes you want to, and then submit them all at once. This makes the process much quicker than it is without the software.


You can sort the movies in your queue like never before. You can sort by title, genre, star rating, along with multiple other options. This allows you to keep better track of the movies you are getting.

Know Your History

Netflix only keeps a user’s history for 90 days. Netflixter keeps your entire history forever. You can go back through your history and refresh your memory on everything you have seen. That will keep you from making the mistake of ordering the same movie twice.

Advanced Tracking Features

With Netflixter, you can track all of your movies. You can find out when they were delivered to your house, along with when they were received by Netflix. This will allow you to stay more on top of your membership.

Free Trial

You can download Netflixter and use it for free for fifteen days. That can go well with the two week free trial that Netflix offers. New users can try it out, and if they want it they can purchase the software for only $24.95.

Netflixter is gaining in popularity for people who love movies. It’s a great addition to Netflix, as it gives users even more options than ever before.

For more information, or to sign up for the free trial, click HERE.

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