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Chrysler Unveils FLO TV

floAs if taking a long road trip with a family is not brutal enough, there’s another excuse to do it.  Chrysler has unveiled in select models a system in which you can receive Sirius satellite television channels.  Called FLO TV, it lets viewers watch up to twenty live or time-adjusted channels from the comfort of the car.  Thankfully, the front screen will not work if the car is in gear so as not to distract the driver.  But still, leave it to America to yet again bring entertainment to places that we really don’t necessarily need it.

Through the subscription, one can receive NBC 2GO, CBS Mobile, Fox News, and more.  A test version had ESPN on it which would be the only reason why I would get it up.  I could at least listen to the game during  four hour drive to Tahoe.  The drawbacks would be that you would need line of sight (just like any other satellite dish) as well as only being available to a hundred major markets.  Also, regional rules will apply so if you’re watching the Bears game and you’re driving through Indianapolis, you’ll see Peyton instead.

The picture quality is sub-par and there is a slight lag when changing channels.  I’m sure as the initial problems and reviews get sorted out, signal strength will increase the quality of viewing.  Here’s the kicker, FLO TV is offered at $629 and that’s not even including installation.  With that initial purchase you get a one year subscription.  That’s right, just one year.  After that, it will run you an annual $200 fee.  So if you’re one of those rich people who just throws around $629 like it’s a nickel, then why not get this?  It’s pretty damn cool.

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