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I am a huge sports fan.  On days where I work from home, I DVR the following programming on ESPN:  Mike & Mike in the Morning, The Herd with Colin Cowherd, Jim Rome is Burning, Around the Horn, and Pardon the Interruption.  My favorites are Mike & Mike and PTI and right now I’m going to talk about PTI.  The show is hosted by two DC writers, Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon.  Kornheiser is most recognizable by his recent failed attempt at Monday Night Football.  He was so bad he was compared to Dennis Miller…I’ll let one draw their own conclusions from that.  Wilbon is a little more respectable and has is a diehard Chicago fan (Cubbies, not Sox of course).

The two are on almost every weekday of the year and talk about relevant sports stories of the past 24 hours.  Kornheiser loves hearing the sound of his own voice and will endlessly dominate the conversation along with interrupting Wilbon constantly.  Wilbon is the opposite.  What he says has huge merit and he often plays much nicer than his compatriot.  I think this respectability has also resulted into his paralleled success with NBA Fastbreak on both ABC and ESPN.  But while they are opposites, both bring a distinct and comical personality to the table.  I actually think Wilbon likes hearing Kornheiser run his mouth just to see how far he will actually go.

The duo are often funny, but when the topics become serious like steroids or NFL player conduct policies, they take more of a reporters role and take the high road.  That is the stuff I like from the media.  They are able to differentiate between times to joke around and times to get serious.  I thought they tackled the Tiger situation phenomenally and did a great job of reporting on the situation.  Although they won’t say it, I believe that having one white and one black guy is the way to go.  That way there is no bias towards one or the other.

Throughout the show, they play various little games like grading certain things, role playing where they impersonate someone, and fortune teller.  The show has been hugely successful, so much so that they have a podcast that I, like many others, will download when I am out of the country.  It is the complete show without the video but if you’ve seen them before, you can imagine their mannerisms and expressions.  It also helps me stay grounded and remind me of home.  I have talked to my other sports junkie friends and they too agree that PTI has a special place in their viewership.  What’s better is that it reairs on ESPN2 an hour after original airing.  While you might Jungle Fever (Jim Rome), PTI is about as pure a sports talk show as you can get.  They are objective and will light an athlete up when it is called for.

PTI airs at 5:30 pm Eastern on ESPN or like I said, you can download their podcasts at iTunes.  Either way, it is a great, objective way to keep up with sports along with either agreeing or debating with them in regards to your own opinion.

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