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Schrute Farms Is A Hit On TripAdvisor

Even though Schrute Farms doesn’t exist, it is a huge hit on Tripadvisor.

The fictional farm belongs to Dwight Schrute and his crazy cousin Mose on the NBC series “The Office”. In September 2007, the producers of “The Office” asked to use the popular travel review site TripAdvisor in an episode in which Dwight turns his beet farm into a bed and breakfast. Tripadvisor was more than happy to oblige, Christine Petersen, the chief marketing officer for TripAdvisor said, “We don’t have a big marketing budget and don’t do TV ads, this was the big time.”

Tripadvisor set up a review page for Schrute Farms for the episode, but it was quickly forgotten about by the site and the writers.We thought it would be fun, but then we didn’t think about it anymore,” said Paul Lieberstein, who wrote the episode.

But, much to Paul’s surprise, the Schrute Farm page on TripAdvisor is still going strong thanks to reruns and DVDs. Tripadvisors readers have added to the myth of Dwight’s beet farm. Mandy Pyszka from Milwaukee raved about the beet pudding while Carla Harrington of Fredricksburg, Va only gave the farm one star, adding, “Dwight was an overbearing survivalist who appears to have escaped from the local mental asylum.”

But, not everyone was in on the joke, TripAdvisor had to add a disclaimer explaining the farm wasn’t real after they started receiving complaints from readers who wanted to stay there.

You can add your own comment to the TripAdvisor page here.

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